Hearing loss can be a frustratingly debilitating event in one’s life. Did you know hearing loss is on the rise in people of all ages, including younger individuals? There are many outside factors that contribute to hearing disabilities, but there are ways you can live to promote better hearing and prevent hearing loss now and […]


Experiencing loss of hearing can be debilitating in many ways. The loss can force a number of lifestyle changes, and that itself can take an emotional toll. If someone close to you suffers from hearing loss, there are ways you can make life easier, especially at the onset of the hearing loss. Here are some […]


Is gaining control of how well you hear something you’ve been putting off? If so, there’s no better way to start your year off right than to visit us at Better Hearing Centers. If you’re looking specifically for hearing aids in Bowling Green, or just starting on the path to better hearing, we can help. […]


Have you noticed a lull in your communication with a loved one? Maybe you find yourself replicating your words on a regular basis when speaking to a spouse or parent. Or maybe you are the one who asks others to repeat statements. Either way, a change has taken place in your daily conversation. Perhaps you’ve […]

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Our society has trained us to become self-conscious of any “defect” our body may have. This leads to a severe lack of self-confidence, or, may even hold us back from attending many social engagements. A common disability many face is the loss of hearing, resulting in some having to use the aid of hearing devices.  […]


Sure, wearing hearing aids is an added expense, and the upkeep can be another beast on its own. Depending on whether you have a digital or analog battery, it may draw upon more power, using more energy faster. However, you can keep the costs minimized with a few simple tricks to extend the life of […]

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If you’ve been experiencing difficulty in hearing and have made your first appointment for a hearing screening, you may be a little intimidated not knowing what to expect.  Any apprehension, though, may be reduced significantly by gaining a little insight into what the process and tests entail.  First, though, it is important to note that […]

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According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) report, hearing loss has affected nearly 98 million Americans, both young and old. Such an unexpected event can cause more medical expenses, including the cost of hearing aids and their accessories. Many may try to find discounted methods such as purchasing cheap hearing aids or over-the-counter products such […]