What makes us better?

Of course we could do a great job of explaining why you should choose Better Hearing Centers, but with thousands of happy patients, we thought we’d let them do the talking for us.

“In today’s world finding someone you can trust isn’t always easy.  Better Hearing Centers is the best choice I’ve made in a long while.  Thanks to David and his staff, I can hear much better.”

– Russ Ayers

“I actually came to Bowling Green from California. I looked in the phonebook for a Beltone dealer and I am so glad that I found you guys. I’ve never dealt with such friendly people that make me feel so at ease. My experience, to tell a friend would be that you are friendly, competitive, and very good.”

– Charyle Hurtado

“I was a patient of Better Hearing in Glascow, but I moved to Bowling Green last year. So I started checking to see if there was a Better Hearing Centers in town. I found Better Hearing right off because my son comes down here. I love the service I get here. Everyone is so nice and I just couldn’t be treated better. I love my hearing aids. I hear better than I’ve ever heard.”

– Maureen Ross

“I’ve been a customer/patient of better hearing for many years, probably at least 20 years. I’ve had a number of hearing aids. I’ve worked with David for at least the last the past 10 years. The level of service and professionalism I get from Better Hearing Centers is outstanding. I’ve referred several of my family members and friends as well because I believe in what they do. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

– Mike Ross

“Very friendly and very helpful. When I have trouble with my hearing aids they are always willing to help me out and correct it. I recommend to anyone having hearing problems to come and they will help you also.”

– Audrey Canary

“I have been very satisfied with the hearing aids that I have gotten. They are always fair when it comes to dealing with things that matter. They are congenial and easy to work with.”

– Katherine Thomason


Are you dynamic, professional and aspirational? We have a proven track record in developing great people towards a rewarding career helping the hearing impaired across the State. Experience is not necessary and this growing company could be your perfect fit.


No matter how challenging or simple the question, if it is related to hearing then we can certainly help. Whether it is for you or for a loved one then receiving expert advice could soon give you the clarity you need to make accurate and informed decisions.


A Hearing Screening is a simple procedure that is typically painless, straight forward and is something that is recommended as a regular action in maintaining healthy hearing. Regular screenings can identify challenges before they become problems.