12 Sep 2017

Nearly half of adults over the age of 65 have hearing loss, while only 25% wear hearing aids.  Many people are either in denial about their hearing loss or afraid of looking “old.” Nevertheless, untreated hearing loss can pose many safety issues, especially on the open road. Imagine a driver who is unable to hear sirens, horns honking or other vehicles nearby due to challenges with their hearing? Remind your loved ones that if hearing aids are prescribed they should ALWAYS be worn while driving. If you are a passenger who is trying to relay certain safety cues to a hearing-impaired driver, or if you are simply trying to have a fluid conversation during a long trip, you may want to consider investing in a portable hearing device like the Beltone MyPAL.

Street noise, the car, and the hum of traffic can make it difficult for someone with hearing loss to hear you.  The Beltone MyPAL is a small, portable microphone you can hold in the car. It captures your voice clearly and streams it directly into the driver’s hearing aids. Even in other noisy environments like restaurants, airports, meetings and family events, the MyPAL can really come in handy. If there’s a discrepancy on how loud the TV should be, the microphone can be placed near the television and everyone can listen at their preferred volume.

It’s always best to make responsible decisions, especially when others’ safety is concerned. You may want to encourage your loved one to invest in something like the Beltone MyPAL so nobody misses a moment on the road. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, the MyPAL can be connected to PC, iPad or mp3 player for leisure time!