18 Sep 2019

Beltone is a pioneer in connectable hearing aid technology. Several Beltone models are smartphone compatible, such as the Beltone Amaze™, Beltone Trust™, Beltone Legend™, and Beltone Boost Max™. But along with smartphone connectable hearing aids, Beltone also produces apps for your smartphone.

The Beltone HearMax and Beltone HearPlus apps help you control your hearing experience through your smartphone. Available for iOS and Android devices, these apps work with a plethora of smartphone models to make sure that you can utilize your phone the way it was meant to be, regardless of whether your an Apple or an Android user.

See a full list of compatible smartphone models.

At Better Hearing Centers, we are proud to be powered by Beltone technology. We offer the highest quality hearing aids to help you hear the world around you, and those incoming calls. Contact us today to schedule a screening and talk to an expert about Beltone hearing aids.