08 Oct 2019

For years consumers have been able to purchase basic eye-glasses at the local pharmacy or convenience store, but what about a basic hearing aid? Well, the time is coming. In 2017, the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act was passed, which makes room for Over-the-Counter (OTC) hearing aids. Also known as “Personal Sound Amplification Products”, or PSAPs, […]

18 Sep 2019

Beltone is a pioneer in connectable hearing aid technology. Several Beltone models are smartphone compatible, such as the Beltone Amaze™, Beltone Trust™, Beltone Legend™, and Beltone Boost Max™. But along with smartphone connectable hearing aids, Beltone also produces apps for your smartphone. The Beltone HearMax and Beltone HearPlus apps help you control your hearing experience […]

07 Aug 2019

Happy August! The year may be half gone, but what remains is filled with exciting events: back to school, the World Series, fall festivals, and, of course, holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. With such an eventful calendar, you’ll certainly want to make sure you can hear it. And that may require a hearing aid. […]

03 Jun 2019

As kids, our fathers are heroes. As we get older, our dads become friends, mentors, and the people we call when we need help replacing the spark plugs in our cars. When we’re young, they tell us bedtime stories. When we’re grown up, they give us advice so we don’t learn the hard way (as […]

03 May 2019

Did you know that May is Better Hearing Month? Nearly halfway through the year, this is the perfect time to schedule a hearing test! Every May, we try to show how passionate we are about better hearing by building awareness and encouraging people to make hearing screenings a part of their yearly health checkups. How […]

29 Mar 2019

Even though there are an estimated 38 million Americans with hearing loss, including two-thirds of adults older than 70, fewer than 20 percent use hearing aids. Unfortunately, people tend to wait on average of seven years from the time they start noticing hearing loss to the time they seek help, according to the Hearing Loss […]

06 Feb 2019
Hearing Tests

If you or a loved one has been experiencing difficulty in hearing, you may be nervous about scheduling your first hearing screening. Don’t worry, once you’ve made the appointment the rest is easy.  We will conduct an in-depth and comprehensive hearing test in a friendly and homey environment, and guess what? It doesn’t hurt at […]

02 Jan 2019

A new year brings a new you, and many people have made resolutions to live a healthier and happier lifestyle in 2019. We all know that healthy lifestyles make us feel better, but did you realize that there are also many links between your overall health and your hearing health? While you’re considering what unhealthy […]