20 Nov 2018
Portrait of happy family having Thanksgiving dinner

For many, Thanksgiving is a time to gather with friends and family to celebrate. Although it’s a  time to give thanks and to reflect on our many blessings, for many people with an unaddressed hearing loss it can bring up feelings of anxiety and isolation.  Even when surrounded by family members and loved ones, hearing […]

12 Sep 2018
Beautiful young asian woman text messaging with her smart phone at home

Did you know September 30 is National Podcast day? Around 1 in 4 Americans listen to podcasts for a variety of reasons. From educational to just plain entertaining, podcasts are diverse and have become a pop culture phenomenon. Unfortunately, podcasts are one part of the digital media frontier that are yet to be made fully accessible […]

28 Jun 2018

Chances are, you are among the 87% of Americans who will be celebrating our nation’s independence this 4th of July. There are many exciting festivities to look forward to on independence day, including food, fun with friends, and of course FIREWORKS! But with blasts reaching 150 decibels at 3 feet, the explosive bangs and booms […]

04 Jun 2018

With Father’s Day approaching, it’s the perfect time to reach out to all the important father figures in your life! Unfortunately, family communication isn’t easy for everybody. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, men between the ages of 20 and 69 are twice as likely to have hearing loss than women. […]

05 Apr 2018

Spring has finally sprung! The birds are chirping and the leaves are rustling as nature comes alive. It’s the vibrant soundtrack of Spring that, unfortunately, so many may be missing or aren’t aware of due to hearing loss. Age-related hearing loss is of course a concern for the 50 plus crowd, but as a young adult […]

06 Mar 2018

With Spring swiftly approaching and basketball in full force, March is an exciting month for many! People gather in jam-packed arenas of cheering fans and boisterous pep bands, getting pumped to root on their favorite team. Unfortunately, with such elevated levels of energy comes high decibels. Not only are high decibels in a roaring crowd […]