08 Jul 2016

Oftentimes those with hearing impairments don’t realize that there’s so much available to help with living normal lifestyles. In today’s world, technology plays such a large role in everyday activities. But did you know there are devices on the market to accessorize with your Beltone hearing aids that allow you the freedom to experience technology the same as everyone around you?

Beltone Accessories offered by Better Hearing Centers feature technology that helps you or your loved ones hear what they want to hear. There are different types of sound environments, and even if yours suddenly changes, our products can help you adjust quickly, discreetly, and comfortably.

Our products help you to be able to enjoy entertainment coming from your TV, computer, and other electronics:

  • Our TV Streamer sends clear sound directly to your hearing device, with a range of 30 feet or more, even if you leave the room. And you don’t have to carry it with you.
  • We offer a remote control that specializes in pairing with your Beltone hearing aid in a wireless fashion.
  • Our Phone Link is perfect for iPhone users, and sends all mobile sounds directly to your Beltone hearing instrument. You can answer or end calls easily. All you have to do is download the app for your Android or iPhone, and keep your phone within 30 feet of wherever you are.
  • My Pal is an instrument that can be used as a companion microphone or portable streamer for listening to iPod and other mp3 audio, and like our other products, delivers quality sound directly to your Beltone hearing device.

Technology is a huge part of our everyday lives. And even if you or a loved one experiences hearing loss, you’ll never have to live with missing out on technology that you enjoy. That’s because Better Hearing Centers offers a variety of Beltone accessories for hearing aid instruments that feature the quality and ease of use to help improve your lifestyle. Visit us today to find out more about our products and services.