07 Aug 2019

Happy August! The year may be half gone, but what remains is filled with exciting events: back to school, the World Series, fall festivals, and, of course, holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. With such an eventful calendar, you’ll certainly want to make sure you can hear it. And that may require a hearing aid.

Hearing aids are amazing devices that have helped countless people hear the world around them. But just like wearing new shoes or trying on a pair of glasses, a new hearing aid can take some getting used to. That’s why Better Hearing Center offers a 30 day, satisfaction guaranteed, trial period on hearing aids. And with Better Hearing Center, you can expect proper fitting, adjusting, and counseling from our expert staff as you adapt to your new hearing aid.

So finish off the year with excitement, and enjoy the sounds of the upcoming seasons. Let the Better Hearing Center staff help you get your hearing ready for whatever the rest of the year may bring.