03 Jun 2019

As kids, our fathers are heroes. As we get older, our dads become friends, mentors, and the people we call when we need help replacing the spark plugs in our cars. When we’re young, they tell us bedtime stories. When we’re grown up, they give us advice so we don’t learn the hard way (as some of them have).Talking to our dads is not just an important part of our relationship, it’s an important part of life.

Unfortunately, as we get older, so do dads. And with age comes hearing problems. Whether its damage done from rocking out in the 70s and 80s, or just the natural wearing down over time, hearing loss can damage more than just our ability to appreciate sound. Hearing loss can affect one’s voice, conversation, and interactions with others. The longer hearing issues are left untreated, the worst the potential problems may become.

This Father’s day, while your chatting with dad around the grill, working on the car, or just enjoying one of those father-child conversations, make sure that both you and dad can enjoy and understand each other. A hearing screening can help determine how well you hear different sounds. Contact Better Hearing Centers today to set up a free screening.

Happy Father’s Day from Better Hearing Centers!