30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

When you choose Better Hearing Centers as your hearing health care provider you are trusting us with the investment of bettering your life through better hearing.

As with eyeglasses it takes some adjusting in your environment before they feel just right. The largest adjustment you will go through is, of course, listening with your new hearing aids. You will hear sounds that you have not heard for a long, long time.

Some of these will be “good sounds”, like the songs of the birds or high-pitched voices of children. Other sounds, the “obnoxious ones”, are sounds we need to hear for our safety and/or general knowledge of what is happening around us. These are sounds like the refrigerator or air conditioning units humming and buzzing, the sound of our footsteps, or a “knock” in the sound of the car engine.

Research in this area has shown that this adaptation or adjustment period may last a few months. It takes time for the brain to re-learn all these sounds. Be patient! Expect your voice to sound different. For many reasons, your voice will sound strange to you at first – like being in a barrel. This is a normal early perception and it is often called the ‘occlusion effect’. If you don’t adjust to this after a few days, discuss this with your Specialist. Many times, this feeling can be alleviated through changing the vent size in your hearing aids or changing the amount of amplification you are getting for low-pitched tones. Your hearing specialist deals with this issue regularly, and they will be able to solve this with you, over a short period of time.

We understand that this can be a sizable investment and we treat it as such. You can expect to have proper fitment, adjusting and counseling as they are integral parts of a successful hearing aid fitting.

We take pride in the fact almost all of our patients choose to continue enjoying their hearing instruments for years to come. However if for any reason you are not satisfied we offer guarantees that will insure your peace of mind.