Lunch on Us

Our team at Better Hearing Centers works hard to provide the best customer service. We want our patients and/or their care givers to be shouting from the roof tops that we are who to turn to for hearing health. We are honored when our patients, or even those who have seen how we do business recommend us to family & friends.

Referrals are a big part of letting us know you trust us and are happy with our service and want others to benefit from the services we provide. Our “Lunch on Us” is simply a thank you to our valued patients and the special people in their life. You tell a friend about Better Hearing Centers and our FREE hearing screenings. Encourage them to get in touch us and set up an appointment. Once their hearing screening is complete you will receive a $30 gift card as a thank you. Use it for lunch, dinner, a night out at the movies. The preference is yours. By referring just one person to Better Hearing Centers you are aiding us in educating south central Kentucky on the importance of a baseline hearing test. Whether they need hearing aids or not we just want to equip individuals with the knowledge to protect and preserve their hearing. But when the time is right we know ourselves to be the best to come to when help is needed. There is no obligation to purchase on your referrals part. It really is that simple…Send referrals to us and we give you $30 gift card.

We love meeting new people and helping them be their own advocate to better hearing.

  • A friend from your bridge club
  • A family member
  • A grandchild who would benefit from learning about hearing loss prevention
  • A fellow church member
  • Or just someone you know who says “huh?”, or “what?” a lot

This program is open ended…send us as many people as you can think of and we will send you the $30 gift card for each and every completed hearing test. Let us add you to the 40+ individuals who took advantage of this over the summer. We appreciate you helping spread the word about “Better Hearing” to our community.