06 Apr 2016

Experiencing loss of hearing can be debilitating in many ways. The loss can force a number of lifestyle changes, and that itself can take an emotional toll.

If someone close to you suffers from hearing loss, there are ways you can make life easier, especially at the onset of the hearing loss. Here are some ways to help out:

  • Help your loved one research options for hearing loss solutions. Better Hearing Centers has the technology and comfort available in a number of devices, and we can answer your questions.
  • Accompany your loved one to doctor and hearing specialist visits for support as well as helping to ensure all information is properly received.
  • Run errands, and provide help around the home until she adjusts.

Once she has attained the proper device, there are things you can do to provide practical as well as emotional support:

  • If an issue with her hearing device comes up, do what you can to help ensure the problem gets resolved. For example, if a repair or battery replacement is needed, if it gets wet, or if there is a question concerning the device, contact your loved one’s provider to find out what needs to be done.
  • Understand that your loved one is going through lifestyle changes and may need extra attention.
  • Help her if there’s an accident that needs cleaning up or items around the home that need attention.
  • Do all you can to make sure she understands you when you communicate.
  • Be her advocate to others – explain that there’s a gap in hearing ability or that she’s adjusting to a new hearing experience.
  • Call and check up on her regularly, or stop in for a visit.
  • If your loved one is expecting a visitor to tend to cable or utilities, be present to make sure she feels safe and help ensure proper communication is achieved.

Remember that hearing loss can induce a feeling of discouragement and sometimes helplessness, but do your best to encourage your loved one to move forward with independence. Don’t take away opportunities to care for herself if the ability to do so is there. Instead, provide ways of allowing her to accomplish things, and attempt to find a balance in helping out and allowing her to do things on her own. Be vocal about the importance of keeping a healthy diet and active lifestyle for good health and well-being.

We at Better Hearing Centers are available to help you with questions and concerns. If you or your loved one would like information on our products, contact us today.