08 Oct 2018

Did you know that October is National Protect Your Hearing Month? Maybe not, but it’s never too late to start observing! This year, make it a priority to schedule a screening. Getting tested for hearing loss isn’t scary, and we’re here to make you feel comfortable.

The goal of National Protect Your Hearing Month is learning how to be proactive about noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and how to protect your and your loved ones ears. Signs of NIHL may not be obvious at first, but they can build over time. Exposure to loud sounds can have life-long consequences on your hearing. Here are a few tips on how to prevent NIHL.

Turn it down.

Set maximum volume limits on electronics and keep the volume low on your music devices and TVs. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; exposure to sounds at or above 85 A-weighted decibels put you at risk for NIHL, especially for long periods of time.

Move away from the noise.

To reduce sound intensity and the impact of noise on your ears, increase the distance between you and the noise. Think of this simple step when you are near concert speakers, in a sports arena, or at a loud restaurant.

Wear hearing protectors!

Whether you’re at a movie theater or a noisy work environment, sometimes you can’t easily escape the sound. Earplugs or protective earmuffs can help. If you’re a parent, carry hearing protectors for your little ones. Be a healthy role model by wearing them yourself. A recent study shows that about 13 to 18 percent of children and teens ages 12 to 19 have signs of possible NIHL.

Fall has arrived, so don’t forget to protect your hearing while blowing leaves, mowing, or using other loud machines.

Schedule a Screening.

There’s nothing to be afraid of! Hearing tests aren’t painful or tricky. Try to treat yourself to the gift of better hearing this October.